Giving to HKUST


Date News
2017-03-09 HKUST Students Receives Donation to Solve Healthcare Problems in Indonesia and Cambodia
2017-02-16 HKUST Jockey Club Hall Opens to Promote Holistic Education and Eco-friendliness
2017-01-09 HKUST Receives a Donation from Kingworld Medicines Group to Boost Exchange of Business Students and Research in Chinese Medicine
2016-11-07 HKUST Receives Donation from Bright Future Charitable Foundation to Establish Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers
2016-06-28 HKUST Receives Donation of HK$100 million from Dr Li Dak Sum
2016-06-19 HKUST and Caltech Launch Visiting Associates Program
2016-06-16 HKUST Receives HK$150 Million Donation from Mr Martin Ka Shing Lee for a New Innovation Building
2016-06-07 Industrialists Studied Higher Education & Research Development at HKUST
2016-06-03 CLP Holdings Professorship in Sustainability Signing Ceremony was held on 30 May 2016
2016-05-31 CMA Lecture Theater Naming Ceremony
2016-05-24 HKUST Leads Research Project to Mitigate the Risks and Damage of Landslides in Hong Kong
2016-05-05 HKUST Establishes Laboratory on Big Data for Bio Intelligence
2016-04-19 Luncheon Hosted by Donor of Wong Chak Chui International Enrichment Scholarship
2016-04-01 Taking Knowledge & Experience into the Real World
2016-03-09 HKUST Holds Third Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty Members
2016-02-22 HKUST Holds Opening Ceremony for Cheng Yu Tung Building
2016-02-04 President's visit to Dr Tin Ka Ping, longstanding supporter of HKUST
2015-12-17 Dr Li Dak Sum Donates HK$300 Million to Three Universities to Establish Scholarships for Young Talents
2015-06-22 The Visit of Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong to HKUST on Student Development
2015-06-05 Mr Gilbert Hung Met with Recipients of Hung Choh Jan Fong Scholarships and Bursaries
2015-06-01 Paul and Eileen Lin Endowment Trust Supports HKUST Service Learning Programs
2015-05-07 HKUST Receives Donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to Support Kids@UST Science and Mathematics Workshop
2015-04-28 Mr Lau Ming Wai Visited HKUST to Meet with Recipients of The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Scholarships
2015-04-25 HKUST Holds Second Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty Members
2015-03-16 HKUST Receives Donations from Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation to Boost Education and Research Development
2014-10-16 HKUST Holds Opening Ceremony for the New Mr & Mrs Ho Ting Sik HKUST Visitor Information Center
2014-06-11 Pioneering Course at HKUST Teaches Socially Useful Investment Through Tripartite Partnership
2014-03-20 The Women's Foundation and ANZ launch a new Scholarship Award to encourage female undergraduates to pursue engineering and technology degrees at HKUST
2013-11-28 HKUST Marks Opening of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery Housing Rare Maps and Digitized Special Collections
2013-11-27 HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Naming Ceremony and Inauguration of HKUST Jockey Club IAS Named Professorships. A Significant Platform to Bring Together Brilliant Minds
2013-11-11 HKUST Receives HK$20 million from Li Ka Shing Foundation to Broaden Students' Global Vision and Nurture Innovative Future Leaders
2013-10-24 HKUST Receives Support from Tongyi Industrial Group to Boost E-commerce Research
2013-10-21 HKUST Receives HK$1 Million Donation from Mrs Choi Ma Oi Kuen for Establishing a Public Service Leaders Program
2013-09-10 HKUST Holds Opening Ceremony for Lee Shau Kee Campus and Lee Shau Kee Business Building
2013-08-11 HKUST Enters Partnership with China Merchants Group to Provide Internships And Overseas Exchange Opportunities
2013-06-14 Ford Collaborates with HKUST to Provide HKD1,000,000 in Environmental Research Grants to Students
2013-05-21 HKUST Receives HK$5 million Donation from Dr Simon Kwok and Dr Eleanor Kwok To support Interdisplinary Engineering and Medicine Research on Endoluminal Medical Devices
2013-02-07 HKUST Holds the First Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships
2012-12-19 HKUST Receives a Donation from Dr Ko Pui-shuen for Library's Special Collections Gallery and University Archives
2012-12-17 HKUST Announces Named Professorship Program
2012-11-14 HKUST Names Learning Commons After Chevalier Group
2012-11-09 HKUST Receives Donations from Tanoto Foundation and Mr James E Thompson To Boost Study on Asian Family Business and International Business Related Cases
2012-11-06 HKUST Receives HK$5M Donation from Dr Hari N Harilela to Enhance Teaching & Research Excellence
2012-06-01 Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Sponsors and Co-organizes International Symposium on Medicinal Plant Resources with HKUST
2012-04-25 HKUST Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Cheng Yu Tung Building
2012-01-27 The Albert Young Foundation Donates HK$100,000 to HKUST for a Bursary Fund
2012-01-18 Ho & Ho Foundation Donates HK$ 8 Million to HKUST for Scholarships
2011-06-13 HKUST and Value Partners Launch Hong Kong's First Academic Center for Investing
2010-07-26 Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation Donates to HKUST to Set Up Mainland Internship Program (In Chinese)
2010-07-05 Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Fund Donates $90 million to HKUST to Build a New Research & Academic Building
2010-06-29 CN Innovations Ltd Donates $5 million to HKUST to Support Applied Research
2010-06-10 UC RUSAL and HKUST Launch Five-Year Education and Research Joint Project
2010-05-10 HKUST Launches Undergraduate Research Award to Encourage Academic Research at Undergraduate Level
2010-03-04 HKUST Names Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall and Kicks Off HKUST Arts Festival
2009-11-17 HKUST Lee Shau Kee Campus Ground Breaking cum Campus Development Kick-off
2009-09-21 The Jessie & George Ho Charitable Foundation Donates HK$ 5 Million to HKUST
2009-05-12 Philanthropist and Dignitaries Officiate at Naming of Student Hall at HKUST
2009-04-03 Campus Catwalk Celebrates Cultural Diversity
2008-12-12 HKUST Names Sports Center After Late Mr Henry Fok Ying Tung
2008-09-03 HKUST Campus Inspired by Ancient Chinese Astronomical Wisdom
2008-09-02 Charity Starts from Home-Professor Donates HK$1 Million to Set Up Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Scholarship for Students from Non-Profit Sector
2008-08-28 Wing Lung Bank Foundation Donates HK$1 Million To HKUST To Set Up Scholarships
2008-05-05 Post-Grad Scholarship to Nurture Chiu Chow Talents
2008-04-23 $30M Scholarships Benefit 675 Students
2008-03-14 The Bank of East Asia Donates $5 million to HKUST
2008-03-11 Tin Ka Ping Foundation Helps Fund - HKUST development for the Third Time
2007-11-20 HKUST and Tsinghua University establish
2007-10-19 Paul & May Chu Awards Honor Outstanding Physics Students with Research Potential
2007-04-17 HKUST Breaks Into a Gallop with The Hong Kong Jockey Club Enterprise Center
2007-03-20 $400M Donation to Support HKUST's Drive Towards World Class Excellence
2007-03-05 IAS at HKUST Attracts a Major Gift from the US
2007-01-25 HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School opens in Nansha
2006-12-20 Generous Donation Underpins Innovative Research
2006-12-12 Donation Spurs Research and Teaching Excellence at HKUST
2006-05-19 HKUST Lee Shau Kee Library Named
2006-03-30 New Scholarship to Attract Talents
2005-11-02 Alumni Make Historic HK$10 million Gift
2005-10-30 HK$100m in New Scholarships
2005-08-30 New Scholarship to Groom Global Young Leaders
2005-08-30 The Swire International Young Fellows
2005-08-30 University Welcomes High Achievers with Global Outlook
2005-07-26 $800m to Support Strategic Plan and China Initiatives
2005-07-22 $33m Gift from Lee Shau Kee
2005-03-02 Major Gift Advances Anti-Aging Drug Development
2004-11-30 New Research Center Advances China Studies
2004-11-15 Croucher Laboratory on Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Named
2004-11-05 Groundbreaking for New Enterprise Center
2004-09-07 New Information Center Named in Honor of Local Philanthropist
2004-07-11 University Moves Ahead with Enterprise Center
2004-04-14 Shun Hing 10M Donation to Support HKUST Nano Research
2004-04-02 New UG Hall Named
2003-12-19 $10 Million Donation to Establish Chair Professorships
2003-11-28 Arrow Scholarship for Top Students
2003-11-04 Fok Ying Tung Foundation Supports HKUST
2003-10-23 Bookmark Me@UST - Honor a Book, Support HKUST
2003-01-29 New HKUST-HKIEd Collaboration to Nurture Science Teachers
2002-10-20 HKUST Walkathon to Raise Funds for New Student Hostel
2002-05-16 HKUST Dedicates Hall to Tin Ka Ping
2002-04-08 Checking Air Quality Anytime, Anywhere
2001-10-03 One-World-Fountain Unveiled at HKUST
2000-12-14 Citigroup and HKUST Announce Young Fellowship Program
2000-12-08 Mapping Air pollutants Anytime, Anywhere
2000-11-10 Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall Named
2000-10-03 Morgan Stanley and HKUST Announce
2000-06-09 HKUST Inaugurates Hong Kong's First Wind/Wave Tunnel Facility