Anechoic Wind Tunnel
Anechoic Wind Tunnel
Noise generated by aircraft has a huge impact on people's health and well-being: hearing impairment, interference with speech communication, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular and physiological effects, mental health effects, and effects on residential behaviour and annoyance. As aviation continues to grow as an industry, noise levels will only increase – more aircraft equals a noisier environment; on the other hand, efforts to curb noise can have a negative impact on economic growth, by restricting flights and airport growth.

HKUST has built up considerable expertise in the study of aerodynamics with the help of its existing wind tunnel, but the time has come to build a new anechoic (“without echo”) wind tunnel to take the research on aircraft noise to new levels. It will be the only anechoic facility in Hong Kong, and will feature a closed-loop configuration, ensuring enhanced speed, efficiency, high-quality flow and a quiet test environment. The tunnel will be accessible to various research groups, such as bio-inspired flight research in different departments and institutes; unmanned autonomous flying systems by the Robotics Research Institute; aircraft aerodynamics and flight mechanics in the newly established aerospace engineering program; automotive research; and the sensor development community.  

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