Overseas Opportunities Broaden Students’ Horizons with Rewarding Experiences
Global Perspectives
Overseas Opportunities Broaden Students’ Horizons with Rewarding Experiences
Global Perspectives

“Academically, studying in a liberal arts environment in Europe has allowed me to view and think of global issues in a different perspective.”

“Before going on exchange, I was a quiet girl… a bit afraid of trying new things. Being told to get out of my comfort zone, I aimed at making friends with English-speaking people only and trying stuff that I have never tried [before].”

“Throughout our visit to the minorities in the local villages, the face-to-face contact with the underprivileged made me feel both lucky and touched. In a letter written by a local student, he described us as angels in his life. I then understood the impact of our visit to them – it brought them hope."

“It is an experience of learning about a new culture and a different academic environment. More importantly, it is a grow-up process for personal development.”


These are just a small selection of the reactions of students to a variety of overseas experiences. Activities include summer camps in mainland China, learning about everything from aerospace to the history of the Silk Road; one-year academic exchange programs at partner universities around the world, from Mexico to Japan, Netherlands to Australia, US to the Philippines; taking part in international sports competitions; Service Learning trips helping with community projects in rural China, Cambodia or Indonesia. 

HKUST seeks to provide students with a global perspective: not only does this benefit their professional lives, but it also enriches their minds and broadens their outlook as they learn to appreciate and embrace many different cultures. It is the HKUST's aim to allow all students to benefit from spending part of their university life overseas, and the University welcomes donors' assistance in making this come true. Donations can be geared to specific activities – such as a community aid activity; or they can go to bursary funds that help students from underprivileged backgrounds take up overseas opportunities.

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