Giving to HKUST

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum amount required for setting up a scholarship?


The minimum amount required for setting up a named scholarship is HK$10,000. Nonetheless, HKUST welcomes any amount of donation for the University Scholarship Fund or the development of the University.


I want to make a gift to HKUST. Where do I start?


There are several ways to make your gift to HKUST. You can simply use our secure online donation form, and choose to give to HKUST by cash cheque, credit card, or bank direct transfer. Read more about these options for making your gift.


Can I designate my gift for a specific purpose?


Yes, we welcome you to direct your gift to a program that is meaningful to you. Learn about the University's fundraising priorities, as well as the many other areas that can benefit from your support.


In what areas does HKUST most need support right now?


HKUST has identified the following as top fundraising priorities:


How can I make a gift in memory of someone?


You can make a gift in memory of your loved one, including the naming right, by setting up a scholarship, endowed professorship or endowment fund for university development or for a specific purpose.


I would like to give HKUST a donation in-kind. How do I do this?


HKUST welcomes in-kind donations such as real estate, equipment for teaching and research, book collections for our library, bequests and life insurance plans that name HKUST as the beneficiary, bonds, unit trusts, stocks and any other kinds of financial contracts. If you wish to give HKUST a donation in-kind, please contact the staff of our Development and Alumni Office on 2358 6039 or via email at


I want to support my school or department. How can I do this?


You can designate your gift to a specific School or a department of the School, or to a particular academic centre, laboratory or initiative. Find out more about our Schools, laboratories and centres and who to talk to about their top current funding needs.


Is my donation tax deductible?


Donors can enjoy tax deduction benefits by giving to HKUST. Receipts will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above for tax-deduction in the HKSAR; such receipts are not applicable for overseas tax exemption purposes.


What's the difference between an endowed fund and an expendable fund?


An endowed fund is a permanent fund in which the principal remains intact and is invested. The income generated is either used to support programs or activities or reinvested into the fund. An expendable fund is one from which dollars are used on an as needed/annual basis without preserving a minimum dollar level. Both principal and income may be spent.


Can I remain anonymous when I make a donation?


Yes, you can. Please specify the wish to remain anonymous when you make your donation.


How can I make a donation from overseas?


You can make a donation from overseas by credit card, bank direct transfer or by sending in a cheque. Please click here for details.


Can I make my gift via an electronic funds transfer or credit card?


Yes, you can. Please click here for details on donating via bank direct transfer or credit card.


How can I make a monthly donation?


You can make a monthly donation by choosing the subscription option in the online donation form.